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Oh.... where to start in choosing the right fit florist?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

So how do you shop around for a #florist? I’d say most florists come recommended. If you have friends who have been married, ask them about their experience with their florist.

Did the florist meet their expectations? Perhaps the Florist exceeded and went above and beyond. Of was the service provided a let down? (hopefully it wasn’t the latter). So many ways on choosing a florist.

There are times when a venue recommends a florist that may also be their ‘preferred’ suppliers. It doesn’t mean you have to go with their preferred vendor. Whilst it might be the easier option as the florist has built a relationship with the venue, it doesn’t mean to say that this said florist is the right fit for you.

There is nothing wrong with keeping your options open when choosing your florist. My only take on this is don’t confuse yourself – in today’s society, there is so much choice available to us. Try and limit yourself to perhaps 5 in the first stage of research.

Once you have chosen your 5, have a look at their social media pages such as #Instagram or #Pinterest.

Ask yourself this – do you like what you see on their media pages? Do you like their style? Does the style suit your thinking? Do you see a variety of technique and #styling on their social media pages such as #boho, #vintage or #luxe. Other florists may only specialise in one signature look. Remember – each florist uses different products to create their magic.

I think 5 florists is a good starting point and if you like what you see on their social pages, I’d suggesting ‘culling’ your final list to 3 florists and then start reaching out to them.

Remember – be as transparent and open with the Florist. At the end of the day, if your Florist is unable to assist, they can always direct you elsewhere. Happy #shopping.

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