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So you said YES!!

Congratulations! You said 'yes'! Exciting times ahead for you both... I'd like to wish you (my reader) the a lifetime of health and happiness and to enjoy the planning process. Yes, it sometimes gets a bit tricky with so many choices out there for almost everything..... So where do you start?

Well... my blog will skip a handful of what's on your list of items in terms of planning your wedding, I'll just get down to the styling, more importantly - the flowers.

My name is Dalia, and I am a florist (a very blunt one if I am completely honest with you). This is my first blog and I write this completely from the heart, from my own personal experience with helping brides and from industry experience.

Why should you read this? Well, it's totally up to you. My main aim is to educate you (the reader) and perhaps guide you when choose your florist and wedding flowers. After all, this is one of the most important days in your life you want things to go smoothly as possible. I hope you find value with my blog and the contents is somewhat beneficial to you. So I guess from me, it's fast forward to flowers.

Join me again for my next blog for the uncomfortable topic of BUDGET.....

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